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Surviving Uncertainty: Choice

As many cities begin to shift from quarantine to reopening, it’s normal to feel flooded with the anxiety of uncertainty: what will this look like and how will it work and how do I protect/support myself, my family, my community? So many questions remain unanswered.

In my previous post I touched on simple deep breathing exercises to manage the anxiety that goes hand in hand with uncertainty. Today, let’s focus on choice.


During times of uncertainty, it can be helpful to think about the choices you can make. I like the idea of choice rather than control. Control can have unhealthy associations for many of us. Choice is liberating. Choice gives us a sense of ownership and agency in our lives. Choice has potency. When we make a conscious choice we are present, engaged, and considerate of who we are and what we value.

One way to get in touch with choice is to think about your values. What matters to you the most? What is essential to you at this moment? In this life? Perhaps take some time to engage in the following reflection on what is important to you.

Values Clarification

When you feel ready, find something to write with/on (paper/pen/phone/tablet/computer) and reflect on what is most important to you in the following areas of your life. Consider your ideals, aspirations, and the qualities you desire. There is no right or wrong here, there is only what feels best to you in this moment.

Relationships/Partnerships (romantic/sexual)






Parenthood (if applicable)

Global Citizenship/Community/Environment


Perhaps reflect on how the choices you are making in your life right now align with these values.

When we recognize the connection between what we value and how we live our lives, we tend to feel a greater sense of balance and ease. There may be a simple choice you can make today that aligns with your values, like contacting someone you care about to cultivate a friendship or taking a walk or donating to a local food bank. Since routine is essential right now, perhaps there are ways to make these positive actions part of your daily or weekly routine. There are so many ways to connect consciously with who we are and how we want to be in the world.

I hope connecting to choice helps you find your center amidst the uncertainty.

To learn more about therapy with Eve, visit here.

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