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My Clients’ Experiences

"My experience working Eve Kagan was phenomenal.  Eve helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. She provided a safe space for me to share my most vulnerable experiences with grace and professionalism.  The grounding techniques she taught me are still in practice today.  I am a much better person mentally,  spiritually and physically as a result of my experience with Eve. I highly recommend her services."

Faith B.

"Dear reader: I am tearing up with relief and profound gratitude just writing this review:

Eve is a gift to the world. Full stop. 

Through our sessions I have evolved into a more self-connected, resilient, trusting, loving, joy-filled woman than I ever thought would be possible for myself. I’ve struggled for as long as I can remember with complex trauma from childhood experiences and sexual assault—deep seeded fear and trust issues, insomnia, disassociation, anger, grief, minimizing, the list goes on! I have seen other therapists in the past and truly, no one holds a candle to the graceful, perceptive, and open guiding care that Eve has provided. I could honestly write a short book about the ways in which Eve has helped to change my life, but for the sake of keeping this short I’ll highlight two key gifts she has given me. One is helping me to recognize and tap into a deep well of internal resources that have quite literally saved my life, and the second has been her tactful support through transformative EMDR sessions. I have recommended her to numerous people and everyone of them has had a similar experience: real healing. 

Thank you Eve, for everything. And good luck, dear reader. I believe in you."

Emma R.

"Eve is compassionate, non-judgmental, relatable, and just truly kind in all of her approaches. In therapy, I was able to work through current and past trauma and was given tools to help me see my full potential. As a result, this has allowed me to take back responsibility for my life as well as live a more confident and healthier life. Eve asks the right questions and will challenge you to think deeply while also providing a safe space for any and all emotions that arise. I would recommend Eve to anyone, 10/10."

Sophie A.

"I’ve never been so nervous and excited to write a testimonial before! Nervous about finding the right words to convey how wonderful and helpful Eve has been in my healing journey. And excited about the possibility of someone new working with her. From our very first session, I immediately felt like I was in a safe space. I could cry without judgment, and never felt like I had to censor my experiences to make them more palatable. I was honored and respected in a way that allowed me to connect with the vulnerability I was shying away from. 
Eve was able to meet me where I was at and employed different strategies to help me work through tough emotions. We did EMDR, we listened to music and spoken word poetry, we drew and wrote, we meditated and did breathing exercises. 
I would enthusiastically recommend Eve to everyone. It is a joy and a honor to work with her."

Claire J.

"Before seeing Eve, I was new to therapy and came from a culture where one isn't supposed to talk about their emotions. She made me feel comfortable and at ease during our sessions. From incorporating techniques like meditation to help calm the mind and master my emotions, to EMDR, which helped me overcome my fear of needles for an upcoming procedure, I gained so much value from our time together. We discussed my family and upbringing, the challenges I faced working at a startup, fertility, and everything in between. Eve was always supportive and provided me with guidance on how to handle the challenges I was facing. I am truly thankful for this experience and knowledge that I will continue using all I've learned for years to come. Since then, I have been able to find more balance in my life, be a better partner and achieve greater happiness. I highly recommend working with Eve!"


"After interviewing three recommended therapist’s, and finding no connection, I received a voicemail back from Eve and knew immediately she was the one.  She turned out to be the perfect choice. It didn’t take much time with Eve for me to trust her implicitly; for me to open up, share the pain, and be vulnerable. Her methodology is science/research based and yet she also had the ability to intuit feelings I could not express (it is one of her super powers).

Eve is a champion of self-worth.  She is empathetic and genuinely caring.  She helped me realize that my negative self-talk was of no value.  Instead of trying to fix my brokenness, she helped me get in touch with my humanity and the beauty of all my faults, scars and insecurities.  She provided tools and the training to use them for me to objectively evaluate myself.

My time with her was transformative.  Through the journey together, she laid a path to freedom; a freedom that transformed my thinking.  She convinced me that I am OK just being me.  Most importantly, she showed me the path to loving myself; Bonus!
She provided the reassurance that I can deal the effects of trauma in my past as well as practical tools for me to use when triggers arise, or simply when faced with life’s everyday challenges.
I am so appreciative for Eve. She brought me back from the brink to the most emotional stability I have experienced.
Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Eve (5 out of 5 stars) to anyone with trauma in their past."

Steve C.

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