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In therapy you can process past pain, address present problems, and shift the patterns that are no longer serving you. I employ a range of evidence-supported counseling techniques to help you find clarity, balance, and relief.


A Good Fit

The key to effective therapy is finding a good fit between therapist and client. During an initial consultation we will explore whether we are a good match to address the concerns bringing you to therapy. Choosing a therapist is deeply personal: it is essential that you feel safe and believe that I can help you. If it doesn't feel right I will be happy to refer you to another practitioner.

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Your Time

Therapy is your time. The path we take will be determined by your unique needs. I respect my clients as individuals and appreciate the impact of various aspects of identity on the problems they face. Our sessions together will explore new perspectives on old problems as we move closer to your goals.



EMDR & Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

I have specialized training in evidence-based trauma therapies, including EMDR and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, to help you recover from trauma. I understand how trauma hijacks the body and mind, leaving us dysregulated, confused, and ashamed. Our work together will focus on establishing safety within so that you can cope with distress and feel empowered and present in your life.

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Reclaim Your Life

Living with the pain of sexual trauma can be isolating and terrifying. You are not alone.
I have extensive experience working with sexual trauma survivors. Our work together will challenge and transform narratives of shame and self-blame, helping you move towards empowerment, agency, and freedom.



Meaning-Making After Loss

Grief looks different for everyone: there is no one way to process in the aftermath of loss. Grief happens in your own time and in your own unique way. Together we will find a path towards healing and meaning-making.

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Get Connected

I have been approved as a Vaccine Verified Business in Boulder: if you are fully vaccinated we can meet in my office at the Tree House (737 29th Street, Suite 201).

I also offer online therapy which is a perfect option for individuals with privacy concerns, health or mobility issues, busy schedules, and during public health and safety emergencies. I use secure, privacy-protected platforms for all virtual sessions (HIPPA compliant).

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